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How to setup an ACTION! Development Disk#

Each Programmer has its own ideas how a development environment should look like. On this page you can find some ideas. If you are an ACTION! programmer feel free to add your favorite setup to this page:

ACTION! Setup#

  1. Normally I use a blank disk for each new project (serious projects, not quick and dirty tests). I use an ACTION! Cart that can be switched on/off without removing the cart. The disk will be formatted in Single Density or Medium Density Dos 2.x Format (because if I take the disks to a convention there is sometimes no upgraded DD Floppy Drive available).
  2. Next I copy a dos, mostly Stefan Dorndorfs DOS II+ or XDOS. If I write a PGM for MyDos or Sparta/Bewe, I use that DOS.
  3. then I copy the essential tools
  4. the Runtime Source --> Original ACTION! System Runtime Source and Alternative ACTION Runtime Source
  5. the Infoline Tool (will be posted here someday) which gives two additional Screenlines with Information on the ACTION! System
  6. some of the Library Routines I need from --> ACTION

That's all. Nothing special here :)

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