Kyan Pascal Error $89#


A few people, while compiling their Kyan Pascal programs, have come across an error message that reads:

         pc: DOS error on file: D1:filename.p
         89 - Error code

This happens when there are more than 252 characters between the (* and *) comment delimiters (if you add the four characters of the delimiters, you will get a total of 256 comment characters--one page of memory). So, if your source code has a large comment section, it should be broken into smaller groups using the delimiters. This is not a bug; it is just the way the compiler works. It picks up characters, evaluates them (e.g., checks to see if they form a reserved word or identifier), and picks up more characters for evaluation if those can not be identified. When the total number of characters being evaluated exceeds 256, up comes the error message.

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