Load Font Files in ACTION!#

General Information

Author: Carsten Strotmann
Language: ACTION!
Compiler/Interpreter: ACTION!
Published: 28.03.90

;**									 **
;** Phoenix SoftCrew ACTION!	**
;** Programme und Tips f. 8Bit **
;**									 **
;** Carsten Strotmann			 **
;**									 **

; Programname:Font Lader
; done by:Carsten Strotmann
; Filename:FONT.ACT
; first Version:28.03.90
; last chnage:28.03.90
; Font Handling

; needs IO.ACT

PROC Font_Load (BYTE ARRAY file,BYTE page)

  Close (1)
  Open (1,file,4)

  Bget (1,page*$100,$400)

  Close (1)


PROC Font (BYTE page)

  BYTE chbas=$2F4



PROC Old_Font ()

  Font ($E0)


BYTE FUNC Set_Ramtop (BYTE page)

  BYTE ramtop=$6A,crmode=$57


  Graphics (crmode)

RETURN (ramtop)

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