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Pro(c) Atari#

Pro(c) Atari is a magazine which has been printed and distributed in both English and German since 2014. In 2017 Pro(c) Atari is planning two issues only in English.

The main emphasis of the magazine is to look at nostalgia for old games, however it also looks at new homebrew games and demos.

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Excel Magazine#

Excel Magazine is a full color A4 size magazine which has been printed in English since 2016.

The magazine looks at new homebrew games as well as old games. Besides reviews the magazine offers interviews, tutorials, game maps and much more.

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Out of Print#

New Atari User / Page 6 / Atari User#

An English Atari magazine which went by several names over time. Les and Sandy Ellingham were the editors for this magazine in its latter years. It went from a glossy printed magazine which was available on news stands to a printed A5 booklet type magazine in its final few issues in the late 90's.

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An American Atari magazine.

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An American Atari magazine.

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