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Atari Wiki Manifesto#

This manifesto explains some ideas behind the AtariWiki.

The AtariWiki is a collection of Information about the 8Bit Atari Computer Line mainly intended for programmers. It covers topics specific to the Atari 8bit computers, but also generic programming topics like the 6502 line of processors, Programming languages available for the 8bit Machines and generic programming tips and tricks.

The main language in this wiki is english, however other languages are permitted with the goal to provide a translation into english at one point of time. Multi-Language articles should use the "tab" feature to provide the same article content in different languages, with "english" as the default choice.

The AtariWiki is not an official project of the Atari Bit Byter User Club (ABBUC), however some contributors are associated with ABBUC.

All content in the Wiki is licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike License, unless otherwise noted.

The Wiki is operated by Carsten Strotmann (

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