SDX Hello World#

General Information

Author: trub / DLT Ltd.
Assembler: masm

The idea is to show an example how the SDX system libraries can be used dynamically. The code shows the way to call and use "PRINTF". Using this technique the resulting object file can be very small and 100% system compliant.


    blk reloc main

start    jsr PRINTF
    .byte $9b,'Hello world!',$9b,0

    jsr PRINTF
    .byte $9b,'My numbers:',$9b
    .byte '%b, %d, %x',$9b
    .byte '%e, %l',$9b,0
    .word bdec,wdec,whex,tdec,ldec

bdec    .byte $FF
wdec    .word $FFFF
whex    .word $FFFF
tdec    .long $FFFFFF
ldec    .word $FFFF,$FFFF 

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