Star Raiders (C) 1979 Atari and Doug Neubauer#

The impossible has happened! Doug Neubauer, the author of the game, has given us the source code. Sadly, he didn't own an old listing anymore, but Steve Hales (Synapse) did! Kay Savetz has managed everything behind the scenes, so we would like to say:

Peta times thank you Doug Neubauer, Steve Hales and Kay Savetz!!!

We will be always in your debt and of course, you are always in our hearts! :-)))

It was a little step for you, but at least a giant leap for the whole Atari community.

The original Star Raiders source code can be found at ; 2.47 GB

If you would like to donate something to, please use the following link ; the guys really deserve it!

The Atari community has already started to bring the listing to files, please see at

Star Raiders source code by Lorenz Wiest ; highly recommended!!! Lorenz did a tremendous must see job!!!#

CAS Image#

Further information#

Final end of a Commander Mission#

Final end of a Commander Mission

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