The Atari Bookkeeper CX414 Copyright (C) 1982 by Atari, Inc. Home Computer Division#


In 1982 Atari, Inc. decided to migrate The Atari Accountant into The Atari Bookkeeper, please see below. Please take into account, that The Atari Accountant consists out of 3 packages with in sum 13 diskettes in true DD format, single sided. Transfer into SD formatted diskettes, like here, we have to expect therefore 26 diskettes, but we just see the following 4 ones. It is highly likely, that the reason for this maybe the decision from Roger H. Badertscher, president of Atari's Computer division, to adapt the accountant version for business CX401 through CX403 to the home market. This has resulted in a smaller version and made the Atari 815 double disk drive obsolete. Thank you so much Bill Lange for all the informations!

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AtariWiki highly(!) reccommends the deep investigation from Wade Ripkowski from Inverse ATASCI about The Bookkeeper:



The Bookkeeper box CX414 front

The Bookkeeper box CX414 back

The Bookkeeper box CX414 Diskettes CX8131 and CX8133

The Bookkeeper box CX414 Diskettes CX8132 and CX8134