The goal of this chapter is to provide the user with information regarding the capabilities of Atari to mix Voice & Data on Cassettes. Below are given some examples of how Atari has done this. If you intend to record cassettes from Atari, please use the wav-format, 16-bit stereo and 44.1 kHz. With those parameters we do have the best experiences. Files in wav-format are very big in size and therefore not very cool for download. We prefer the FLAC-format, see FLAC - download. It is possible to convert the wav-files without (!) any loss to ".flac" files (around 50 % less compare to ".wav" files) when opening in a shell. And back to ".wav" files of course. Please see the example below for further info. On Mac OS X you can use the "Terminal" application and for a ".wav" file called "A.wav" use the following commands:

  • encoding: flac -8 /Volumes/"your harddrive"/A.wav
  • decoding: flac -d /Volumes/"your harddrive"/A.flac

A web based solution can be found here: ; Thank you very much Fred for that golden tip. :-)

For further information read All about Cassette Tapes from 1979.pdf(info) ; size: 741 KB