Dorsett Atari World History HW ; Copyright (C) 1983 Dorsett Educational Systems, Inc.#

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This is an archive of the "World History" educational program published by Dorsett Educational Systems, Inc. in 1983. This was originally packaged as a set of 8 cassette tapes for use with Atari 400 and 800 computers and the Educational System Master Cartridge.

The "raw recordings" directory contains the unaltered recordings from cassette, one file per tape, with both sides of each tape in the same file. You probably don't want to use this folder.

The main files (hw1 through hw16) are likely the versions you want to use with your Atari or emulator. These have been split into 16 files (one per tape side). The audio levels have had their volume normalized, as well as any pops and clicks removed, and subsequently repaired on the data tracks. Each tape has been verified to work on the Altirra emulator.

Finally, photos of the cassette tapes are included.

The work of digitization and audio cleanup was done by Kay Savetz and Thomas Cherryhomes in June 2015.

Album: World History
Year: 1983
Original Format: Atari Educational System (Dorsett Talk & Teach)
Digital Format: Microsoft WAV, 2 channel, 16-bit 44100Hz sample rate
Digitized by: Kay Savetz/Thomas Cherryhomes


Hw1 Prehistoric man/First Ciilizations
Hw2 Egypt/later civilizations, Near East
Hw3 The Greek Age--Hellenic Civilization
Hw4 Roman Empire/Christianity
Hw5 The Byzantine Empire
Hw6 The rise of feudal Europe
Hw7 The Middle Ages
Hw8 The Renaissance: Europe Expands
Hw9 The European Reformation
Hw10 French Monarchy/Intellectual dev.
Hw11 The French Revolution
Hw12 The Idustrial Revolution
Hw13 European National trends
Hw14 Imperialism and World War I
Hw15 World War II and the Cold War
Hw16 World History as a Current Event

Tracks (size in sum: 1.71 GB):


Dorsett Atari World History - cassettes with uneven numbers

Dorsett Atari World History - cassettes with even numbers

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