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Altirra (C) Avery 'Phaeron' Lee#

Altirra is without any doubt the(!) standard for Atari emulators as of 2018. Phaeron did such an outstanding and marvelous job with this emulator.



For PCs: please use the link in the reference for downloading Altirra native for your system#

For MACs:#

Please un7z the file and put the app into the applications folder and don't alter the name. If Avery brings out a new version, just open the app-package (mouse right click on the app) and simply go to:


and just replace

Altirra.exe (for the 32 bit version) or Altirra64.exe (for the 64 bit version)

with the new version from Avery. That's all. :-)

Have fun.


Wine-Settings for Altirra 3.0.0 with respect to Avery Lee in the minimum requirred size possible; double click ready for macOS


- Avery Lee ; mega thanks for his emulator, it is epic! :-)
- skr from AtariAge to bottle the emulator for macOS

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