Atari Home Accounting System; Copyright (C) 1982 Atari, Inc.#

In 2018 we found evidence, thanks to Bill Lange, that this package, which is the successor to The Atari Accountant, is a reduced software for the home user, while the Accountant was for small and medium enterprises. To be exactly, it is rounded just 15 % of the whole Accountant series. The main advantage of this package is, that an Atari 815 double disk drive isn't necessary here! We assume, therefore, we don't know for sure, that Atari changed the name of the box, in order to prohibit misunderstandings with the box for professionals and changed the name later into The Bookkeeper. If a reader of this can provide just any new information about this, please be so kind and contact us, so we can be for sure. Thank you.


Atari Home Accounting System introduced in InfoWorld from 10/19/1981