USB Programming Session in Frankfurt, 9th August 2003#

On Saturday, 9th August 2003, Harry Reminder, Thomas Grasel and Carsten Strotmann met for a USB Coding Session in Frankfurt. It was a very hot day (40 C outside), and 5 Computers, big TV-Sets and Floppy-Drives gave a really warm feeling.

Here are some fotos of the day:#

  • USB PC-Case Connector:
  • USB Cart attached to a ATARI 130 XE:
  • Carsten coding:
  • USBTOOL Start Screen :
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.0-test2 seeing a ATARI Joystick:
  • USB Cart front:
  • USB Cart back:
  • The Team (from left) Carsten, Thomas, Harry: