Memory Map for Player Missile Graphics#

single line resolution   double line resolution
dec hex data dec hex
0-767 $0000-$02FF not used by PM graphics
e.g. can be used for storing horizontal
position of players or shapes
0-383 $0000-$017F
768-1023 $0300-$03FF Missiles 384-511 $0180-$01FF
1024-1279 $0400-$04FF Player 0 512-639 $0200-$027F
1280-1535 $0500-$05FF Player 1 640-767 $0280-$02FF
1536-1791 $0600-$06FF Player 2 768-895$0300-$037F
1792-2047 $0700-$07FFPlayer 3 896-1023$0380-$03FF

for switching between single and double line resolution see Bit 5 of SDMCTL

for adjusting the vertical position in double line resolution see VDELAY

for setting the base address of the PM memory map see PMBASE

see also:Player Missile Topics