Project USB Cartridge#

  • Project Name : USB Cartridge with two USB Slots
  • Project Start : Summer 2002
  • Project Member: Marc Brings, Thomas Grasel, Harry Reminder, Florian Dingler, Guus Assmann, Carsten Strotmann
  • Project Specs : see Information below




CarstenStrotmann - 2 Dec 2004

The Carts are ready for shipping from US to Europe...

CarstenStrotmann - 29 Nov 2004

Steve Tucker --> AtariMax Website is currently assembling USB Carts for the European and US market.

CarstenStrotmann - 18 Jul 2004

Another coding session with Harry Reminder, Thomas Grasel, it seems that we always meet at the hottest days in summer. We have now acces to HID (Human Interface Devices) for the Host Mode of the Cypress SL811 ready, so we can access USB Keyboard, USB Joystick and USB Mouse, as well as other USB HID Devices.

We will have generic 6502 Sourcecode and FORTH Sourcecode ready in the next days and have real Atari XL/XL driver for Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick on the Unconventional Party in September in Lengenfeld.

See the Pictures of the day.

CarstenStrotmann - 6 Jan 2004

Harry Reminder and Thomas Grasel made a new USB Cartridge Hardware, now with a Cypres SL811HS chip. This USB chip is Host AND Slave, so with this we can attach the Atari to a PC/Mac (Slave-Mode) and we can attach USB-Devices (Mouse, Graphic-Tablet, Memory-Stick ...) to the Atari (Host-Mode). See new project pictures.

CarstenStrotmann - 10 Aug 2003

Harry Reminder, Thomas Grasel and I used the hottest Day of the year (so far, 40 C in Frankfurt) for a USB Coding Session. The Joystick Firmware is almost complete, there are some problems with the Uni-Code Strings (this might be the 1st ATARI 8-Bit PGM with Uni-Code :) ) and with the USB Reports.

See the Pictures of the day.

CarstenStrotmann - 9 Jul 2003

The ATARI and the PC (running Debian GNU/Linux) are talking to each other via USB. This days we're completing the basic USB Stack. There will be a new improved version of the device driver development kit released in the next weeks. We're also taking new pictures on how the cartridge is looking like today, and some screenshots of the Linux-Side. We'Re still operating the USB-Cart in slave mode.

CarstenStrotmann - 14 Apr 2003

Today we made "first contact" with the USB Controller, we are now able to talk with the USB Controller from the ATARI. Now we're starting the driver development.

The blueprint version 1.1 need two changes:

  • the USB Controller Reset-Pin must be connected to a reset-circuit
  • the mode-pins of the USB-Controller must be connected to ground

Then the first USB contoller is available in $D548 (Data-Register) and $D549 (Address-Register). The second Controller is available on $D540 (Data) and $D541 (Address).

To initialize the clock frequency for the second controller, write $01 into USB-Register $01. This generates an output-clock of 24Mhz for the second controller (48mhz / 1+1, see USB-Controller Datasheet).


  • Marc Brinks has completed the cartridge
  • Thomas Grasel and Harry Reminder found the last bugs and made the modifications to the cart